Friday, January 22, 2010

First Kiss Contest

In October I entered the New England Chapter of RWA's First Kiss contest for unpublished authors. The basis was that you sent in 10 pages of your main characters' first kiss. I thought it sounded like a cute little contest and good experience entering and dealing with contests in general.

Got a call back a few weeks later saying that my entry was picked in the top 6, and so I had the chance to review, revise my entry (based on the comments from the first round judges) and resubmit for the final judge (a Harlequin editor). Great! It was wonderful getting the feedback. I was shocked that I was in the final six, and very pleased that my writing had matured this far. The best part though was reading the feedback. So I worked my magic and sent it back, not thinking much of it.

Then, on the way to the doctor a few weeks ago, I got a call on my cell phone. It was the director of the First Kiss contest telling me that, hey, I was the winner. First place. I was driving at the time, and not entirely sure I heard her correctly. So I think I just stammered and said nothing. I got a "hello?" and then I said "Uh, really?"

Cleaver, right? Very smart of me. So finally after the shock wore off I think I assaulted the poor woman's ear by thanking her seventy times and saying "I can't believe it!" in a horridly teenage high pitched voice. (Shame.)

So. Overall, just had a great time with the contest. And, now my name is out there! Check it out! First place!