Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's been forever!

Sorry anyone paying attention! I'm currently working on developing a website (a real one, not just a blog) and in the process, I'm afraid I've neglected my sad little blog over here. Whoops!

Let's see, what's new? I completed my full length contemporary romance, which has gone through about twenty million title changes. For now, it is THE GAME OF LOVE. A little play on the tennis aspect (since Christina is a tennis coach!) and the athletic aspect of both their jobs.

THE GAME OF LOVE was also a finalist in the Greater Detroit RWA chapter's Between The Sheets contest. I eventually found out I placed second, which is great! (It was titled Match Point at that moment in time.)

I'm not quite ready yet, but soon enough I'll be submitting THE GAME OF LOVE to agents, and possibly publishing houses, after I have time to settle down. We just moved and so life is in chaos...again! But overall, life is good and I'm excited to continue writing on the next work.

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