Monday, November 16, 2009

Halfway through Nano

Ah, yes. That halfway point in Nano where I start to panic and realize that if I fall behind now, it's not going to be pretty trying to catch up.

I am currently at 30K total. I started another short story (more for practice) and that ended up at 25K. Now I am on to my romantic comedy that I plotted most of October for. It's still currently untitled (I hate thinking of titles!) and it's about two high school coaches.

The head football coach (Brett) is an ex-NFLer who came back to his hometown after he had one concussion too many and was forced to quit playing the sport he loved. The end of his career was the end of his marriage, as he realized his wife wasn't in it for him so much as for being Mrs "The Wall" and the status that came with it. He's vowed to avoid another gold digger/status whore/pro sports groupie if it's the last thing he'd do.

Christina (Chris) took the open girls' tennis coaching spot. The team's lack of funding (along with every other sport that doesn't start with "foot" and end in "ball") forces her to crusade for more evenly distributed funding. Oh, did I mention she just got out of her relationship with an NHL stud? The unsupportive a-hole showed her that jocks were only out for #1...or whatever number was on the back of their jersey.

I'm only 6K in with this one, they just met and I'm getting some very interesting layers from these two. I'm thinking this one will be a full novel, aiming at 90-100K.

Most importantly, I think I did find my niche. I thing romcom (or romantic comedy) is for me.

Maybe for EM next month I'll have an excerpt of what I'm working on. Still need a working title for this sucker too!

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  1. Way to go! I'm too behind to make up now, but I'll just keep plugging away.

    I've decided I'm just afraid to find my voice...what if it's chic lit? eek! LOL

    have a happy thanksgiving.