Friday, December 4, 2009

Nano was a....bust.

haha Alright not really. I made it to about 31K. Missing those 5 days for Thanksgiving travel really put me back and I just realized that I wouldn't catch up, no matter how many all-nighters I pulled. Plus, let's face it...I'm not in college anymore. I have a baby and a dog and, uh...stuff to get up in the morning for. So all-nighters are no longer an option.

But the good thing is that I like the direction my story is heading. I've found that I'm a little stronger currently in Brett's voice than I am in Christina's, but that's okay for now. I've received some very nice compliments from the gals in chat on Romance Divas, and that's always an encouragement.

More encouragement, I found that I am in the final 6 for the First Kiss Contest, held by RWA's New England Chapter. I can't remember how many entries there were, but my 10 page scene where Ethan and Sarah (my other story) first kiss made it into the finals. Now it goes before the final judge for the rankings to see who placed in the top 3. I was mostly just happy to get my entry back with comments on how I can improve. But to be in the final 6 is a definite self-esteem boost! :)

For December's Excerpt Monday post, maybe I'll post the kiss scene. :)

Have a good weekend!

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