Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back to Rom Com

Well, my First Kiss entry was edited, critiqued, edited some more, critiqued some more, and then polished up more. Gotta say, there were some great pieces of advice in there. Which, if I return to Sarah and Ethan any time soon, would definitely help the story out. But other comments made me crack up, just proving how subjective reading/judging is.

For example: One judge said that she liked we could see both points of view in the ten pages. The other said they felt it was a cop out and not to do it. hahahaha

In the end, the entry was given my best, it's turned in to go to the final judge, and that's all I can hope for. I do think the edits will help out a lot. But I'm sure the competition for the top 3 is stiff so, who knows. It's just nice to have been chosen for the final 6.

In other news...
I like goals. They really help me stay on track. So my goal now is to complete the romcom manuscript I'm working on (full length, shooting for 85-100K) and ready to submit by the time my husband gets home. That gives me until about the first-ish of May. So, around 4.5 months. I think that's a good time length. Sure it might take longer, but this is my goal. I've already got about 15K written, and the whole thing is loosely plotted, so I'm not pantsing it. But there it is.

I wish I could get to Nationals this year with a completed manuscript to pitch, plus the conferences and classes I would like to take advantage of. But with a baby and an unreliable husband (not personally, but professionally he could be called in to work at any point, WHEN he's home) it wouldn't work out. So, maybe next year.

Look tomorrow for my next installment of Excerpt Monday! yay!!!

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